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We deliver open banking in Bahrain and across the MENA region.


Almoayed Technologies is a pioneering digital infrastructure provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain, currently focused on delivering open banking across Bahrain and the MENA region. It is the first company to graduate from the Central Bank of Bahrain’s regulatory sandbox, and its subsidiary, Tarabut Gateway, is Bahrain’s only licenced open banking payment initiation and account information service provider.

By combining generations of Bahraini trading experience with a host of partnerships with global technology innovators, Almoayed Technologies is cultivating an unparalleled digital capability for the region, with a view to attracting skills and investments that will enable positive social and economic change.

Almoayed Technologies welcomes Bahrain’s open banking regulation.

Almoayed Technologies’ subsidiary, Tarabut Gateway, first to be confirmed under Bahrain’s open banking regulatory framework.

Kingdom of Bahrain eyes global leadership in open banking.

Latest News: Moven and Almoayed Technologies partner to transform digital banking across MENA region


We are working with Bahrain’s banks to support their creation of open banking action plans by the regulatory deadline of 26th January, and to ensure smooth and secure implementation ahead of the final compliance deadline of June 30th 2019.

We partner with companies radically transforming the learning experience and effectiveness through innovative digital applications and services.

We partner with companies radically transforming the efficient and effective collection and transportation of goods through innovative digital based technologies.

We partner with companies challenging the way financial services are accessed and delivered through innovative delivery of digital based products, systems and services.

We partner with companies radically transforming the safe and efficient delivery of health services through the application of transformative digital application.

We partner with global innovative leaders looking to protect governments, companies and individuals in this increasingly challenging digital world.


In partnership with the world’s foremost open banking technologists, we help banks in the MENA region form long term open banking strategies that will delight customers and give them a competitive edge.

The team creates a JV which brings the company to the GCC. This group ensures a detailed de-risked roll out plan is devised, validated and amended using our local knowledge and supporting verticals.

Utilising extensive local knowledge, the legal team then helps to secure all required regulatory approvals and permits to enable the solution to be marketed, sold and operated efficiently.

Generations of trading experience is brought to bear to validate offerings and to ensure that the plans are fit for purpose for regional expansion.

The extensive network of contacts and businesses across the region allows a full development plan to be implemented that precisely fits each market and product or service.

Through its venture capital programme, Almoayed Technologies ensures all its ventures are capitalised appropriately to ensure success and unlock value.

Our local HR team ensures that the JV is resourced with the optimum level of people and skill sets to ensure a smooth launch and growth of the organisation.


By connecting banks to a single universal open banking API we provide access to a global network of banks and service providers that allows money and information to flow freely, instantly and at a low cost. This infrastructure enables banks to quickly develop a world leading open banking service experience for their customers.